Nayeli’s Newborn Photos

This little girl was an absolute doll. We had a blast playing dress up and changing out her cute little outfits. There may have been only 1 almost accident on daddy but otherwise she was an angel. Click to see more pictures from this cute photo shoot.

Nayeli-3828-2 Nayeli-3823-2 Nayeli-3813-2 Nayeli-3812-2 Nayeli-3809 Nayeli-3998 Nayeli-3997-2 Nayeli-3992 Nayeli-3991-2 Nayeli-3984 Nayeli-3971 Nayeli-3965 Nayeli-3954-2 Nayeli-3944 Nayeli-3940 Nayeli-3935 Nayeli-3821 Nayeli-3931 Nayeli-3929 Nayeli-3945-2 Nayeli-3923-2 Nayeli-3911 Nayeli-3904 Nayeli-3899 Nayeli-3890 Nayeli-3882 Nayeli-3880-2 Nayeli-3877 Nayeli-3875 Nayeli-3866 Nayeli-3848 Nayeli-3848-3

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