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Mason Turns Uno

I cannot believe this little guy is already 1 years old! I still remember doing his newborn photos. So much has changed since then and I absolutely love seeing how big this little guy smiles and how much he loves his family! Happy Birthday #CincoDeMason

Robert’s 1 Year Cake Smash

How is it that he is already 1 years old?!! This was super fun theme of Cookie Monster theme and I had so much fun making a banner! He wasn’t sure about the cake or what to do with it but he got the hang of it. Poor thing did not like getting dirty at all thought and immediately wanted a bath!

Nayeli’s 1st Birthday

Oh baby girl you are as precious as stones. One thing I love is watching babies turn into little people and have their first taste of cake. They always start off poking it and very unsure of what to think and then eventually they just dive on in! Nayeli was so cute and even started to smush the cake and eventually when she was finished pushed it off her tray. Check out her adorable pictures and to see the entire album visit

Sawyer’s 1st Birthday Cake Smash

Oh this little girl is such a ham. It has been so fun watching her grow up. At first she wasn’t sure about the cake and didn’t like how it felt in between her little fingers. Needless to say, she soon realized she does indeed love cake (whew). Happy Birthday baby girl! Click to see more pictures.