About Me

Pence-3135Hi there! Thanks for hoping on over to learn more about me.

I am a small town girl at heart who loves her country music and cowboy boots. Being outside is my absolute favorite and enjoy all the activities that go along with that such as fishing, exercising, hiking and just enjoying nature. I have an adorable little girl Cali (our puppy) who keeps us busy for sure. My husband and I rescued her about a year ago and the adventure has been anything but dull.

I have such a passion for everything that I can create and capture. My husband and I love to do projects together. He is the master builder and I’m more of the designer and get to do the finishing touches. Anything and everything distressed is my fave right now. When I get to be creative is when I’m happiest and I truly believe that life is too short to take yourself seriously and you should laugh no matter what.

I have many dreams and many goals of making it “big”. My definition of big, however, is not what some would define for themselves. By “big” I mean successful in a way that makes my husband happy and allows me to own my own business and eventually start a family with total freedom. By “big” I mean by giving myself a creative outlet while gaining new friends along the way. By “big” I mean accomplishing my own personal goals while providing a service to others that allows them to cherish their special moments for many generations to come.

I personally love to capture raw moments. My favorite images have always been the ones where my subjects are in their natural element and doing their own thing and I happen to be there and catch that moment behind the lens (those happen to also be my favorite pictures of my family as well). I like to think differently and incorporate props and other personal items to really add one of a kind character to an image.

I can’t wait to hear from you soon!