Monthly Archives: December 2016

Conway Family 2016

End of year is always my favorite because I get to see all of my favorite families again and again. This family is so stunning every single time!! These are the nicest people I know and their little girls are growing up just like mommy and daddy! Their love for each other just oozes out and makes my job so easy!

Geurin Family Christmas 2016

I love meeting new families for the first time and we just click immediately! These boys were such hams and let me tell you about a handful. Try keeping young boys dry after it had just rained and you’re at a park with a REALLY fun looking slide. Needless to say I had to get a little creative to keep his attention. 🙂

Maul Family Christmas 2016

This was my first time to meet this sweet family. This baby girl was so precious I could just eat her up. She kept kicking her shoes off and that bow was to die for!! That cold November weather couldn’t keep us down.