Monthly Archives: November 2016

Jones Christmas 2016

This family right here, they make my heart so happy! Miss Sawyer Grace is getting so big and just want to LOVE on mom and dad and give me the cutest little faces! Tell me I’m not right.. I dare you! It was so cold this day but these 3 braved it for me and OH how it blessed them back for it!

Ashley + Jason

These two are just the sweetest. She was super shy at first and worried about taking photos but Jason was able to make her laugh and together they were able to relax and have some fun together. These were taken just down the street from their house – isn’t it just absolutely stunning?!

CG Games

Photographing sporting events is one of my favorites even though I don’t do it too often. There is something about my competitive nature and my love of being outside grouped together that is so fun to me. The funny faces you make while giving it your best effort, the teamwork and cheering for each other and the pure determination to not quite is what I love most. These photos are raw and pure emotion.