Monthly Archives: April 2017

Miller Family Bluebonnets

I love it when people move to Texas and ask – what is the ‘photo thing’ that people do in Texas. They are from the East coast where they had gorgeous trees that bloomed. We hit the jackpot with this field of bluebonnets. Little miss had a milkshake for the first time before the photo shoot and had SO MUCH energy and personality I just adored chasing her around!

Sawyer Bluebonnets

In Texas, if you don’t do bluebonnet photos you aren’t Texan. I love seeing how they just cover along side of the highway everywhere you look. Sawyer kept wanting to eat them and just play with them and enjoy all of their beauty. I don’t blame you little girl at all!

Cassie Maternity

I met this family at a coffee shop and they told me they were new to Austin and loved bridges so duh we went to the best bridge in Austin! This was so fun and Cassie was a trooper hiking up BOTH sides of the hills to get these great photos!