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Brooklyn Newborn

This year was baby after baby and boy did it give me some major baby fever. Miss Brooklyn was absolutely precious and everything was diamonds and pink – fit perfectly!! She is a Daddy’s girl already and loved being on his chest as much as possible!

Miller Family Bluebonnets

I love it when people move to Texas and ask – what is the ‘photo thing’ that people do in Texas. They are from the East coast where they had gorgeous trees that bloomed. We hit the jackpot with this field of bluebonnets. Little miss had a milkshake for the first time before the photo shoot and had SO MUCH energy and personality I just adored chasing her around!

Sawyer Bluebonnets

In Texas, if you don’t do bluebonnet photos you aren’t Texan. I love seeing how they just cover along side of the highway everywhere you look. Sawyer kept wanting to eat them and just play with them and enjoy all of their beauty. I don’t blame you little girl at all!

Cassie Maternity

I met this family at a coffee shop and they told me they were new to Austin and loved bridges so duh we went to the best bridge in Austin! This was so fun and Cassie was a trooper hiking up BOTH sides of the hills to get these great photos!

Smetana Family

This family had my abs so sore from laughing so hard the ENTIRE time!! So much personality and I instantly fell in love with every single one of them! I knew a couple of the girls from crossfit, but the entire family made me feel like a part of the family without any hesitation. This is what Texas people are all about!

Robert’s 1 Year Cake Smash

How is it that he is already 1 years old?!! This was super fun theme of Cookie Monster theme and I had so much fun making a banner! He wasn’t sure about the cake or what to do with it but he got the hang of it. Poor thing did not like getting dirty at all thought and immediately wanted a bath!

Conway Family 2016

End of year is always my favorite because I get to see all of my favorite families again and again. This family is so stunning every single time!! These are the nicest people I know and their little girls are growing up just like mommy and daddy! Their love for each other just oozes out and makes my job so easy!

Geurin Family Christmas 2016

I love meeting new families for the first time and we just click immediately! These boys were such hams and let me tell you about a handful. Try keeping young boys dry after it had just rained and you’re at a park with a REALLY fun looking slide. Needless to say I had to get a little creative to keep his attention. 🙂

Maul Family Christmas 2016

This was my first time to meet this sweet family. This baby girl was so precious I could just eat her up. She kept kicking her shoes off and that bow was to die for!! That cold November weather couldn’t keep us down.

Jones Christmas 2016

This family right here, they make my heart so happy! Miss Sawyer Grace is getting so big and just want to LOVE on mom and dad and give me the cutest little faces! Tell me I’m not right.. I dare you! It was so cold this day but these 3 braved it for me and OH how it blessed them back for it!